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          1. 青島高壓閥門有限公司

            Qingdao High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd.


            PRODUCT CENTER

            涵蓋各種器械配件及容器 品類全面

            AdvantageHave an excellent management team and valve design and development team, mainly dedicated to the sales and development of forged steel valves

            Professional Production of Valves

            60 years of valve production history and rich valve manufacturing experience. Since 1984, he has been engaged in the production of forged steel small-diameter valves

            Professional production of valves
            Advanced Equipment

            We have forged steel valve blank forging lines, forged steel valve processing centers imported from Germany and Japan, physical and chemical laboratory, valve testing facilities

            Advanced equipment
            Product Quality Assured

            Implement ANSI, ASME, API, BS, DIN, JIS, GB, JB and other domestic and foreign standards for valve design, manufacturing, inspection and acceptance

            Product quality assured
            Comprehensive scientific management

            Comprehensively implement computer integrated systems, use information technology as a means, and adopt various advanced modern management methods

            Comprehensive scientific management


            About Us

            Qingdao High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd., founded in 1955, currently has 286 employees, including 60 professional and technical personnel. It covers an area of 55,000 square meters and has fixed assets of 82.36 million yuan. The company is a high-tech, export-oriented, and large-scale professional manufacturing enterprise of high and medium pressure valves integrating design, R&D, production, sales and technical services; it has a world-advanced...



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